"My genuine and honest personality has always been the most integral part of my success and this is a recipe I live by."

Well known locally and internationally as a Glass Artist and Jewellery Designer in my past, the experience I have had in building business relations with a loyal clientele and gallery owners across the map, has taught me to respect and appreciate the importance of a client’s needs and, with further time in the service industry, I can honestly say,“I know what people want”. This to me is a genuine talent!

My experience in preparing for past trade shows in Toronto, Philadelphia, Atlanta, and New York, building exciting booths, creating desirable and saleable inventory, producing the marketing materials myself to draw people into my corporate trade show booths over the years was exhilarating and incredibly satisfying. Every last detail mattered...right down to custom designed packaging as I have always felt that every aspect of a product sells it! My years in the design industry and having a natural creative eye eventually led me to home decor and interior design work for friends and clients in Real Estate.

My professional training as a certified Law Clerk, prepared me to take every business transaction with a legal, professional, mind. I learned how to draft and understand legal documents with a careful and thoughtful eye and, back in the day, had a particular interest in learning all about Real Estate law, the related documents, and hands-on training in how to carry out a thorough Real Estate transaction on behalf of each a Buyer and a Seller.

Fresh out of school, I was hired by an International Trade and Customs Law Firm, and worked there for over 5 years. My experience as the personal legal assistant to the Senior Partner was an important commitment and I was lucky enough to practice my training and determined work ethic to a new level of efficiency! I have always had a passion for the business side of things and take it very seriously.

In Real Estate, I represent my clients with the same commitment, passion, and integrity.

Every client’s home I prepare for similar to a trade show in my mind. My complimentary advice, with regards to staging, and the process of getting a home “ready for show”, is a trusted source. My feature sheets are designed by me, personally, and this marketing showcase is such an important component of making a sale, as potential buyers will take it with them to carefully consider this property for purchase. All images are taken by industry professionals for the best possible output on paper and for media use. The art form of creating the appropriate marketing comes naturally to me and must be a beautiful reflection of my high standard of care in representing my client, their home, and my own professional integrity.

My buyer clients know me to be brutally honest in a home and my perseverance drives me until we find the right property for them. After all, buying a home is the greatest investment a person can make!!

All in all, besides having a creative and business mind, my genuine and honest personality has always been the most integral part of my success and this is a recipe I live by.