Land Transfer Tax Calculator

Provincial Land Transfer Tax is payable should you purchase a home anywhere in Ontario. Toronto Land Transfer Tax is payable on properties purchased in the City of Toronto.  Should you purchase a property, including a parcel of land or condominium, etc., in the City of Toronto, you are obligated as a Purchaser to pay the Provincial and Toronto Land Transfer Taxes combined. There is a special formula used to figure out the exact amount of taxes payable upon closing of your property purchase, however, we have provided an easy to use LTT Calculator for your convenience, below, which will advise you of that magic number in a flash.  

In some circumstances, there are exemptions and/or rebates to paying LTT. Please visit Land Transfer Tax Explained & 1st Time Buyers' Rebates link for more information. 

A Real Estate Lawyer should always be consulted when Buying or Selling to go over all the intricate details involved from Offer to Closing - as we recommend to all our clients. We are more than happy to refer you to a competent Real Estate Lawyer should you need one.

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