The term "Staging" has become a very popular word in the Selling process and encompasses everything from decluttering, minor tweaking, painting, refinishing, and all the way up to substantial fix-ups and renovations.  Staging may include the interior and/or exterior of your home.  

Why is Staging important when selling? 

It is a proven fact that investing in staging may substantially increase the final "sold price" when selling your property. When staging is done properly and with care, the rewards at the end of the day often pays for the staging costs and increases the overall value of the sale.

Why is Feldberg Team In-House Staging the best?

Raquel's professional design background is a value-added service to clients as her trusted opinion and guidance with respect to staging is included when listing a property with The Feldberg Team. The additional time arranging for furniture rental and choosing furniture, if necessary, is also included. This service removes the cost and additional stress of coordinating with an outside staging consultant, plus, typically saves our clients $2500-$5000 for a stager’s time.  


What’s more? Alan's construction background, and years of knowledge in this respect, allows him to effectively offer advice, refer trusted trades, and provide a ballpark figure as to what it would cost to do any sort of work in the house.  


Our loyal contractors, including, painters, carpeting and flooring specialists, landscapers, electricians, plumbers and handy-man services are readily available to assist our clients through the staging process.

***Any renovations, furniture rental, moving and storage fees are paid by the Seller. 


Our incredible service in Staging has definitely raised the bar for other realtors. Here are a few “Before & After” shots.