"I've always believed that to maximize ones potential in any business, people must draw upon their past experiences."

ALAN FELDBERG achieved his post-secondary education at York University where he studied Economics and Sociology and earned a Bachelor of Arts degree. Alan continued his education at the University of Windsor Business School earning a Bachelor of Commerce where he majored in Marketing and Accounting.

While completing his business degree, Alan was employed by Richmond Hill Country Club where he was a Fitness Trainer to the members during the summer months. Weight training and cardiovascular exercise is still a part of Alan's weekly routine.

Alan Feldberg was employed for a number of years as an Accountant with small and larger public accounting firms in Toronto. Alan subsequently studied to become a Financial Advisor and was hired by the prestigious firm of Midland Walwyn. His experience in the business world has been extremely useful when assisting his clients in analyzing the many financial situations that can arise when buying and/or selling a home.

In the mid-90's, Alan's love for homes caused him to shift his passion from the financial sector, to renovating homes, throughout the GTA. For more than 10 years, Alan's focus and experience in homes, allowed him to acquire the knowledge in recognizing a client's needs, quality & care in workmanship, and the costs involved in construction.

Having a wide range of skill and practice directly with sales, knowledge of construction and the functionality of a home, Alan had a natural interest in taking the next steps toward selling Real Estate in Toronto. Alan is a confident Real Estate sales representative and well known for his success in negotiating Real Estate contracts in order to secure a deal. Alan's background allows him to assist his clients in making an informed and intelligent decision when buying or selling a home.